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Applying science-based technologies

Responsible food companies — and the farmers who supply them — need research-proven, field-confirmed, farm-ready technologies to optimize food safety in the “pre-harvest” phase of food production, prior to processing.

When farmers reduce foodborne pathogens like Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Escherichia coli in the gastro-intestinal tracts of animals, they can help reduce the risk of pathogens in food processing.

Applying Diamond V natural, nutritional health technologies increases the assurance of safe food while promoting antibiotic stewardship.

Frequently Asked Questions: Beyond Antibiotics

Beyond Antibiotics: Critical Need for Optimal Nutritional Health

What lies beyond the changes in regulation and current food market trends? Looking beyond antibiotics, what is the most critical need and the greatest opportunity?

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Technical Bulletin: Non-Antibiotic Solutions

Technical Bulletin: Non-Antibiotic Solutions

Nutritional strategy should allow the animal’s immune system to perform its normal function — to recognize a pathogen and respond efficiently in order to eliminate the challenge without causing excessive tissue damage or reductions in performance.

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Make smart, science-based decisions

Diamond V’s natural nutritional health solutions support pre-harvest food safety, improve risk management, and provide return on investment.

Talk to a Diamond V expert today about how to reduce the risk of pathogens in food processing and assure greater food safety.

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