Food Safety Team

Expertise from farm to food across multiple markets

Meeting the responsibility for safe, healthy, and sustainable food requires proven expertise in many fields: Animal nutrition and health, farm management, processing, packaging, product distribution, marketing, and more.

Diamond V’s expertise in animal nutrition and health goes back more than 70 years and continues to advance. Our Food Safety Team builds on that expertise and brings new science and skills to meet the complex challenges of food safety in every link of the food supply chain.

Kevin Sheehan

Kevin Sheehan

Director, Food Safety — Business Development

Kevin Sheehan has had an extensive career with Cargill Turkey and Cargill Pork and has served in various executive level positions, including as Vice President and Business Manager Retail Turkey and Vice President Livestock Procurement.

Kevin also has led teams focused on supply chain management, risk management, government agency liaison, and animal welfare. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Kansas State University.

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James McGinnis, M.S.

James McGinnis, M.S.

Director, Food Safety — Broilers

James McGinnis has more than 25 years of experience in the poultry and food industries, including an extensive background in food processing and food safety.

At large U.S. broiler chicken integrators, James has held several senior management positions in slaughter facilities, processing plants, cook-further processing plants, and processing support operations, including quality assurance and food safety. His applied skills also included financial and sales analysis and management team building.

James holds a B.S. in Poultry Science with a minor in Business from the University of Arkansas and the M.S. in Poultry Science from the University of Georgia.

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Allen Byrd, DVM

Allen Byrd, Ph.D., D.V.M.

Director, Poultry Food Safety

Dr. Allen Byrd is a global expert on pre-harvest food safety, who comes to Diamond V from the USDA Agricultural Research Service in College Station, Texas, where he served as Project Leader and Research Microbiologist. His research focused on intervention strategies to control Campylobacter and Salmonella.

Attending Texas A&M University, Allen received B.S. degrees in both Animal Science and Veterinary science, the M.S. in Nutrition, his Ph.D. in Poultry Science, and his D.V.M. He has taught at the university’s School of Veterinary Medicine and consulted with domestic and international companies. He has authored books and made presentations across the world on the topic of pre-harvest food safety.

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Del Holzer

Del Holzer

Director, Poultry Business Access

Del Holzer is responsible for direct sales to broiler companies as well as market access to retail and food service companies.

Prior to joining Diamond V, Del worked at Elanco Animal Health as Director Global Market Access, Food Animal, working to enable access and enhance relationships within food processors, retailers, food service and industry associations. Before that, he spent many years in leadership and sales positions for various other meat and food industry companies.

In 2009 he founded Holzer Marketing, Inc., a sales and marketing consulting firm focusing on brand and communication strategy. He attended the University of Central Oklahoma, graduating with a B.A. in graphic advertising design.

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Evan Chaney, Ph.D.

Evan Chaney, Ph.D.

Director, Food Safety Microbiology

Dr. Evan Chaney’s role is identifying, qualifying, and validating lab capabilities to ensure the highest quality of microbiological results from Diamond V research and customers.

Prior to joining Diamond V, Evan worked at Roka Bioscience as Director, Customer Applications and Microbiology, and previously as Senior Manager, Scientific Affairs where he worked with industry, academic and government partners to evaluate, develop and implement food safety test method applications across the industry. He has led and co-authored a variety of pre-and post-harvest food safety related research projects and is a routine presenter at food safety conferences.

Evan earned his M.Sc. in Food Science from Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, Texas. He later completed his doctorate at Texas Tech in Animal Science, with an emphasis in Food Safety and Microbiology, and continued post-doctoral research at the university. He is HACCP certified in Implementation and Management.

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Doug Smith, Ph.D.

Doug Smith, Ph.D.

Director, Poultry Food Safety, Europe

Dr. Doug Smith is responsible for development and implementation of food safety programs for poultry and egg producers, food companies and food retailers in Europe. His work will involve research and technical/commercial support to optimize the safety and quality of products during processing and further processing, including broiler chicken, turkey, duck, and table eggs.

Doug has more than 20 years of experience in food safety research, as shown through the publication of more than 90 refereed journal articles, along with book chapters, conference proceedings, and trade journal articles.

Before joining Diamond V, Doug was an Associate Professor in the Prestage Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University. He has maintained close connections to the academic and university research community as an Adjunct Professor at Clemson University’s Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences.

Doug received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Poultry Science at the University of Georgia in the area of poultry processing and products.

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Darin Henry, D.V.M., M.B.A.

Darin Henry, D.V.M., M.B.A.

Director, North America Ruminant Business

In addition to his extensive expertise in animal health and husbandry, Dr. Henry brings practical financial business management and production animal medicine to customers and allied industry partners.

Darin began his career in large animal medicine and surgery in Oregon and Idaho where he practiced for seven years. He received his B.S. in Animal Science and his D.V.M. from Oregon State University.

Prior to coming on board at Diamond V, Darin worked for Monsanto Dairy Business for seven years as a Sales and Technical Service Specialist, and most recently as the Western U.S. Lead in Industry Affairs. He also has been an advisor to the United Nations, World Health Organization, and World Trade Organization.

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